Mind at Large


Episode 012 - The Process

Guests: Sebastian Ruzycki & Jose Bautista (Recorded September 02, 2018)

Adam, Sebastian, and Jose talk about the processes involved in their various creative endeavors.
Topics discussed: teaching, podcasting, photography, film scores, music performance and interpretation (integrating theory and historical context) style, balance, experimentation, music production, mixing, and tips for recording in a home studio.


Episode 011 - Reminisce/Reconnect

Guest: Carlos Renteria (Recorded July 28, 2018)

Adam reminisces with Carlos about high school and their first encounters with each other.

Topics discussed: bonds formed through shared musical interests, first impressions, internal band conflicts, overcoming awkwardness, being a genuine person, Americult, taking things for granted, teenage shenanigans, relationships, obsession, traveling, and language.


Episode 010 (Pt. 1) - Thought for Food

Guest: Justin Rocha (Recorded July 22, 2018)

Over coffee and Scotch, Adam and Justin explore the parallel aspects between the musical and culinary arts.

Topics discussed: mastery, composition, technique, teaching, reciprocity of the teacher/student relationship, balance of components, experimentation, passion, and the importance of details.


Episode 010 (Pt. 2) - Pioneering

Like Frankenstein, the duo are able to revive this monster of a podcast. During this sillier and off-the-wall second half, most of the discussion touches on topics of or relating to pioneering.


Episode 009 (Pt. 1) - Personality

(Recorded May 28, 2018)

Guest Deanna Valone joins Adam in discussing the advantages and disadvantages of various personality traits and the ways in which we self-identify. The two share anecdotes about previous workplace experiences and current methods of utilizing their eccentricities to engage students during guitar lessons.


Episode 009 (Pt. 2) - Ayahuasca in Ecuador

The conversation takes a spiritual turn as Adam goes into detail with Deanna about his ayahuasca experience in Ecuador.
Themes include: coming to grips with one's own mortality, actively being the embodiment of love, deriving meaning from nature's patterns, and the importance of meaningful conversation.


Episode 008 (Pt. 1) - Moral Compass

*a.k.a. "The Godcast"* (Recorded June 10, 2017)

A conversation about current superhero movies turns into a much more in-depth exploration of morality and its origins. Guest Nathan Rainey joins Adam and Joseph in a discussion about the classic struggle of Good vs. Evil. Regardless of your religious affiliation (or lack thereof) you will surely find something of value in this discussion.


Episode 008 (Pt. 2) - Truth & Purpose

Guest Nathan Rainey posits that the two main human desires are Truth and Purpose. The struggle of Good vs. Evil is further explored as Purpose vs. Violation of Purpose.
Other related topics of discussion include: origin, meaning, destiny, corruption, infinity, Science, and donation.


Episode 007 (Pt. 1) - Americult History X

(Recorded May 28, 2017)

Adam talks with guest Mark Morin about their time together in Americult. 
Topics include: the band's inception, high and low points, missed opportunities, creative choices, appealing to musicians, being the "odd" band, the music scene during the mid 2000s, and the band's eventual downfall. Mark explains his transition to Jiu-Jitsu and the common principles between the worlds of music and martial arts. They also talk about "setting the bar" and the importance of checking one's ego.


Episode 007 (Pt. 2) - Sensei Whaaaa?!

Adam and guest Mark Morin share some of their teaching experiences and instructional strategies. Other notable topics include: self-discipline, risk, breaking out of the 9-5 routine, and the power of belief. 
The conversation comes around full circle with the discussion of newer music and, of course, their love for The Dillinger Escape Plan.


Episode 006 - Jackson in Slomo

(Recorded May 27, 2017)

Adam discusses all things music with his guest Jackson Albracht (vocalist/guitarist for Slomo Drags). We talk about musical influences, creative approach, and the pros and cons of the artistic lifestyle.


Episode 005 - +/-

(Recorded May 13, 2017)

Joseph attempts to understand Adam's previous and ongoing struggles with depression and the difficulties of being overly self-analytical.
The duo also discuss positivity, ambition, open-mindedness, systems, belonging to something while staying true to oneself, creative approaches, maintaining longevity in one's pursuits, and, of course, comedy... because what would a Mind at Large episode be without mentioning comedic situations?


Episode 004 - Dentron 3000

(Recorded May 07, 2017)

Adam visits Denton, TX to talk with guests Steve Gottlieb and Julian Chalon.
Topics discussed include: the permanence of recorded conversations, the qualitative inadequacy of classroom learning and the shortcomings of higher educational institutions, the importance of in-depth discussion with open-minded individuals, the human condition, psychotropics and spirituality, the subjective nature of meaning, automation and technological evolution, death, addiction/self-discipline, childhood, Dr. Shaquille O'Neal and, of course, music.
Steve also does a great PSA on the passing lane and traffic.


Episode 003 - Censorship

(Recorded April 29, 2017)

In this episode, we discuss the impact of censorship on free speech and creativity.  Is censorship necessary? When and why? In a world where nearly anything has the potential to offend, how do we determine what should be allowed? We welcome open discussion for future episodes, as this is a topic about which we care deeply.


Episode 002 - "Mixed Bag"/Value

(Recorded April 15, 2017)

In the first segment of this episode, Joseph describes an online confrontation he had with a judgmental vegan and we discuss the subjects of "-isms", free-thinking, drugs, the pharmaceutical industry, and comedy.

The second segment is mostly concerned with success and how we define it as individuals. Specifically, we discuss the roles of money, greed, passion, integrity, consumerism, and freedom of choice in determining a level of perceived 'success'.
Lessons are learned as our conversation comes full circle.


Episode 001 - Honesty

(Recorded April 01, 2017)

In this episode, we discuss our reasons for starting the podcast and the importance of open discussion in today's society. We also touch on the subjects of respectful disagreement, relationships, commitment, and the careful consideration of one's own words and actions. This is our first episode, so it serves as an introduction into our lines of thinking and our personalities.